Tuesday, 29 March 2016

God Made Me Do It!

10 Out of 10 for...

... stating the bleeding obvious. But sometimes it still needs to be done.

OK, maybe it's a bit mean to say that people with gods kill people, because of course an awful lot of people without gods kill people too, that's a fact.

In case you might be thinking that in publishing this pithy anonymous internet quote I'm suggesting that only people with gods kill people... I'm not.

What I'm not doing though is making any apologies for those people with gods who kill people in the name of those gods. For them there's no excuse.

See you in the gene pool!
Frabulous Frog

Butterfly Wings & Other Things

Whaddya Knew, It's No.2!

Today's Frabulism sees me introducing the other aspect of this feature: original thoughts, coz quotes are qute but contributing something new is always what I'm really about.

I'll be bringing a potentially huge range of influences to these bite-sized nibbles because human knowledge is vast and the temptation to revel and rollick in it is one I can't resist.

Messing around with thoughts, words and minds is something I enjoy, so watch out for some weird and wonderful messing around and feel free to say hi as usual of course!

See you in the gene pool!
Frabulous Frog

Frabulisms Are GO!

Frabu-wotisms? FRABULISMS, that's wot.

Frabulisms are a fresh new way to discover original quotes (by moi) and rediscover some classics (by others) in the name of Revelling in the Real and Tossing Turds at the Absurd, like it says on the tin!

Here's the first so you can see what I'm talking about:

Feel free to spread and share the slime as far and wide as a wide mouthed frog can crack a smile - so that would be wide!

I may also be enlarging of some of the pearls of wisdom or drolery contained within - time will tell.

In the meantime, feel free to sound off either here, on Facebook or Twitter (or Google+, obviously...) and tell me what you think, the more the merrier.

See you in the gene pool!
Frabulous Frog
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