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If In Doubt... Check The Quackometer

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If In Doubt... Check The Quackometer

In the ranks of rationalist bullshit shredding sites, The Quackometer is one of the real gems.

The focus is clearly medically based, in that its main targets are those who try to pass off ridiculous pseudo cures and mumbo-jumbo as the real thing.

Homoeopaths are a constant source of fun and fear, as we learn just how seriously they are taken by far too many gullible souls, and just how ridiculous their claims and cures actually are.

Honestly, between a recent interview with the head of the biggest homoeopathy body and the lunatic Islamist fanatic in the last post, I'm really not sure who's the maddest.

Ahh, here it is:
(it's a bit long, so go straight to 7:00 minutes in to watch the nonsense coming out of this squirmy woman's mouth, and sigh)

I found this through an article on The Quackometer entitled 'In Five Years, the Society of Homeopaths Have Learnt Nothing', and by clicking that link you can see the video in its original Quackometer context.

What's good about the site is that the blogger has a good solid scientific grounding and seems to relish looking up old papers and raking through the evidence (and counter-evidence) to not only ridicule some of the most obvious nonsense but also to quite authoritatively shoot it down, which is intellectually pleasing as well as often very entertaining.

Other enjoyable recent pieces, which I've included here as enlargeable screen shots include:

==> a debunking of the 'Foresight Preconception' organisation who claim to be able to increase fertility but base it on a huge amount of nonsense and rehacked obviousness;

==> a trashing of 'Applied Kinesiology' which some companies are referring to as they try to convince us that their hilarious devices will protect us from things we have yet to be convinced actually do us any harm;

==> an exposé of the 'Abha Light Foundation' which it is claimed is a chain of Kenyan  homeopathy clinics which are funded by a violent cult.

As you know I'm more of an eclecticist than anything else, wanting to bring you a rich selection of anything and everything which tickles my sceptic's soul, and without sites like The Quackometer I'd have very little to write about apart from my own fetid thoughts, so thanks a lot for a cool site, and keep it up!

Now I'm feeling the need for a far lighter post, as this blog is supposed to celebrate the wonderful as well as the woesome, so let me see what I can dredge up for the next post.

I have a project. It's to make a list of the Top Ten (10, count 'em) must watch videos I've ever seen in my life.

This could be difficult. Of course I could divide them into categories, such as awesome ads, wild music vids and awful TV appearances, but hey, I reckon it would be more fun to mix and match with the only linking factor being a judicious combination of 'Oh My G..' and  'What the F...?'

Stay tuned for the Top Ten list to end all lists. Then again, it could turn into a series, methinks...

See you in the gene pool

Andy Choudary: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...

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Meet Andy Choudary: Moron Extraodinaire

It's funny, but being away from the heat of things in the UK, some things can escape you for a while. But they'll get you in the end.

Here's a case in point. Pat Condell introduces me to a moron extraordinaire, and as he says, it would probably be best for all of us, in the end, if he were NOT shut up in order for us to become aware as quickly as possible of the lunacy the extremist have got in store for us. Watch on...

In case there's any doubt to the moronicity of this guy, check out this painful 'discussion' with Jeremy Paxman and see for yourself:

The video is called 'Anjem Choudary gets arse whipping' but I'm not so sure he does. He talks so much bullshit in order to drown out what everyone else is saying there really wasn't much else to watch. In order for him to get his arse whipped you'd have to hear him genuinely responding to simple questions asked, which he is clearly incapable of doing, just like any other common or garden fanatical lunatic.

Here's another Pat Condell video on him to give more background on the subject and in which he is pretty lucid on the dangers of Islam to our society. Be afraid, etc...

See you in the gene pool

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Quiz Show: Biblical Contradictions

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Quiz Show: Biblical Contradictions

Here's an excellent vid which will have you scurrying off to check out their claims, and waddya know? They're right.

The problem is we normally don't have the time to do such research, so, in the same spirit as sharing other people's videos here, it's pleasant to see what other people have uncovered about what we knew all along: that the Bible is Just. Plain. Silly.

The speed rounds are priceless!

There's a particularly Aussie twist and flavour to this one too, which seems to be a version, slightly less bitter and twisted, of my very own British humour, but they're getting there.

The irony is screaming loud and proud, however, and I don't think I've seen a point being made quite so clearly before concerning Biblical crap.

Well done to the Makers, and I'll be watching you closely from now on! In the nicest possible way, of course ;-D

See you in the gene pool

The Atheist Experience

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The Atheist Experience

One of the nicest aspects of this blog is that discussing whether god exists or not is not on the agenda.

However, there are a TON of sites and videos and blogs and god knows what else out there which do.

And I just love them. There's no way I'm going to waste my time taking part in this discussion because thank goodness we're past that now.

However, because so many people out there do still believe these old stories, it's fascinating to watch people doing so. It's a bit like music for me. I've tried many different instruments but have given them all up, because I just got too frustrated. I enjoyed far more other people's competent attempts to create pleasant melodies than my cacophonous disasters.

The Atheist Experience is a You Tube channel which does exactly what I simply wouldn't have the patience to do any more - i.e. argue against religion. And it's fun and interesting to watch. So I recommend you do. Until you decide you have better things to do with your time. Here's a sampler above.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

If There Is A God...

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If There Is A God...

I won't spoil the punch line to this little video from the creator of the mighty Office (original version), whatever you may think of him, so just watch it and after two minutes you'll have it, and it's priceless.

I'm on a You Tube roll at the mo, so bear with me as I share some of my fav raves and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Scary as it may seem, I'm not sure I've heard a more gob-stopping, in your face, answer-me-that-one riposte to the whole religion debacle in my life. I'd almost call it beautiful. See what you think. You do 'think', obviously, don't you.

See you in the gene pool

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Your Loony Creationist Weekend - Enjoy

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Why Do People Laugh At Creationists?

This is a wild series of vids that I just might dig deep into depending on how deep they themselves go!

In any case here's a first one for you to enjoy. I'll say know more; you no me ;~S

The funniest thing is that he almost does himself a disservice, but maybe only his adepts are watching, so it just doesn't matter any more...

See you in the gene pool

Christopher Hitchens Primer - Feel The Ire

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Christopher Hitchens Primer

Just found this on You Tube so thought I'd share.

It crystallizes what some of us might not even be aware of and enlightens us as to why, when he dies, as he inevitably will, of throat cancer (claimed by the 'faithful' to be because of his wicked words) or just death, he will be considered one of the main enlighteners of this linking of the centuries.

It's draws you in and has you reaching for the 'play again' button. As it should.

See you in the gene pool
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