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This section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, as they say, so don't pay it too much heed for the moment, it's still a mishmash. Any suggestions for links or indeed categories would be very welcome.

Web Sites & Blogs & Vidoes & Cool Stuff Like That

Richard Dawkins Foundation
The Freethinker
Foundation Beyond Belief
Freedom From Religion Foundation
British Humanist Association
The Skeptic
The Quakometer
Thinking Is Dangerous
Sense About Science
Media Watch Watch
Skeptic Money
The Friendly Atheist
A China Teapot
Atheist Think Tank Forum
Butterflies & Wheels
Anal Iced Bible
Pat Condell
Postcards From God
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Invisible Pink Unicorn
Deep Thoughts
Clinging To A Rock
Bad Science
Bartholomew's Notes on Religion
Dignity in Dying
The Rational Fool

Good Causes & Campaigns
Violence Is Not Our Culture
Dignity in Dying

You Tube

Pat Condell
Some great links to other fab freethinking resources...

Atheist Media Blog


The Peach

Faith/Extremist/Contentious Sites
Americans for Truth about Homosexuality
Answers In Genesis ~ their motto: believing it. defending it. proclaiming it.
World News Daily

God.com (It exists - God's got his own url! Big bummer: His webmaster's a dickhead...)

Belief Net
Alternative News Sites

Useful Reference Sites

Well-designed on-line bible for reference and scary laughs
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