Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Giving Up My Religion

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Giving Up My Religion

Sorry I've been away for so long folks, but thanks for still stopping by.

Just discovered the sweetest little vid - if you're ever wanting the gentlest but still pretty straightforward way of convincing someone to 'Give it up' (religion, not 'for' religion) then this might do the trick.

Beautifully put (I was going to say 'argued' but it's not even that) from a gently spoken man who talks from a point of view I can never share, as I was never indoctrinated in the first place, but his humility and humanity speaks volumes.

It's funny, for a Brit like myself, to hear a Statesian speaking like this, when we have their reputation as a 'God-fearing' nation (lovely), but then again we all know they're not all that lost. The pressure of society can be a terrible thing though.

See you in the gene pool

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