Saturday, 4 June 2011

Loony End-of-the-Worldists Lose Again

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End-of-the-Worldists Live to Prophesise Another Day

So ridiculous and pathetic are the end-of-the-world predictors, the only ones deserving any respect at all I reckon are those who actually kill themselves, thereby proving that it was indeed the end of the world for some.

And so yet another Judgement Day has come and gone, and here we all are, surprise surprise, although there are those who are saying that the Rapture did, indeed, kind of, y'know, take place, but that Jesus used his magical Cloak of Invisibility to fool us all, and fools there certainly are.

This first video comes from 'The Thinking Atheist' and has been produced in the gravelly-voiced melodramatic manner so many religious propoganda videos are, which is quite funny.

Most pleasing is that it would suggest that there are grounds for hope that not ALL North Americans are religious nutters... which is a beautiful glimmer of hope from that otherwise worrying continent:

The second is also interesting, although you might want to skip the bit that gets quite technical on tectonics, as it were. On the whole it's thoroughly entertaining and quite funny in places.

I'd actually meant to show you yet another video from the Stephen Colbert report, which I've just discovered and which looks very promising. I'll find it eventually and post it in a later episode. Enjoy!

See you in the gene pool


tom sheepandgoats said...

To calculate the end of world date, you must start with the scripture "no man knows the day and the hour." therefore, every time someone claims a certain day and hour for EOW, scratch that date out. That's not it.

Do your homework and you'll eventually have a calendar with all dates scratched out except one. That's the date. Be ready.

You can thank me on the other side.

Frab Frog said...

Hi Tom, thanks for the comment. Actually, I can't quite work out, looking at your blog, if you're a religious loony or just taking the piss out of them all. A funny comment anyway.

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