Thursday, 25 August 2011

Do The Homeopathy Crap Rap

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Do The Homeopathy Crap Rap

And it's such a cool song too! Just a shame it promotes death, disease and general ignorance to a people who need that about as much as another drought.

A new article on The Quackometer brought this to my attention, and it's worth reading.

Seems that some witch doctor called Jeremy Sherr has duped British homeopaths (not a difficult thing to do) into promoting and even fund-raising for his sugar pill clinics which exploit some of the most needy (but not of homeopathy) folks in Africa.

Not that homeopathy is any different from plenty of other crap these people have been traditionally, orally and mentally swallowing, through understandable ignorance, for centuries. La plus ça change...

See you in the gene pool

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