Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Working Out For Jesus

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Working Out For Jesus

Thanks to The Freethinker for this one, and a great article to boot.

Seems that a Kentucky artist is leading a butched-up Jesus. According to the Guardian article, 'This time he's less "gentle Jesus, meek and mild" and more of a kick-ass action hero - a Chuck Norris in sandals'.

Just what we all need. The new beefed-up saviour movement includes books like 'No More Mr Christian Nice Guy' and 'The Church Impotent - the Feminisation of Christianity'.

Apparently the model for the picture above was a surfer dude who was 'built like a brick shithouse' according to the artist. Nice. Painting tatts on onself is generally frowned on by the Big Daddy, though, but hey, who gives a monkey's, right?

I reckon Jesus freaks must be a bit jealous about the excesses their mirror images over in Muslimland can go to in real life and which they can only see for fake in movies. Where there's frustration there's usually bad things to follow. Where will it all end? When we stop believing in fairy tales?

See you in the gene pool

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