Monday, 1 August 2011

Unreasonable Faith

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An interesting web site and a cartoon or two

Just caught this kinda read-cartoon on silly beliefs which is quite funny, especially the last two checklists:

Nappy vs. Religion           Santa vs. God

I noticed that the last of these two was by a site called Unreasonable Faith (.com) so off I went to see what it was all about.

Turns out it's an ex-believer who's now on a crusade to deliver us from the evil of religion, which is a jolly good thing if you ask me. He seems to focus mainly on Christianity, as that's what he used to believe in, but has a fairly wide-ranging brief, including posting other people's videos which tickle his fancy, just like I do.

The tone is occasionally intellectual, which isn't a bad thing as there's always a cheeky comment or two in there and the things he posts are about as irreverent and irreligious as you could wish for.

For example, here's a video which takes a bit of getting into if you're not familiar with the style, which I'm not:

but which eventually drags you in as you see where he's going, and gets progressively funnier and more cutting by turns. A satisfying watch.

This one, again posted by , has been tagged by the latter, amongst other things, as "Oh the stupidity!", which is a pretty cool category to have if you ask me, and fits this piece extremely well.

Other interesting pieces include an intriguing article on Jesus and Mary who, it turns out, actually live in Australia at the moment and are attracting a large number of followers to them and inflating real estate prices into the bargain.

And you could check out his 'About' page where he explains why he doesn't believe any more.

I'd say the site is, to an extent, more for doubters than simple non-believers who don't need the non-existence of god hammered out for them, but if this sort of thing still amuses you then there's plenty there to enjoy, and as I said, the videos he links to are often quite delicious. Welcome to the club.

See you in the gene pool

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