Monday, 22 November 2010

Nutter Watch - Meher Baba / Darwin Deez

Just listening to the new album from Darwin Deez (yep) which is pleasant hippyish pop, but the cover of the album, as the reviewer says on Deezer, is highly disturbing... check out Google images for more worryingness...

'Darwin...'? Ah yes, apparently he obtained his moniker thanks to parents who belong to the Meher Baba cult. I didn't know about that one, but now I do. Check it out on Wikipedia now if you need to know more.

The other noteworthy thing about this album is the song Constellation, which includes the lyrics:
twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder what you are
there's a million little lights
when the sky turns black tonight
are there patterns in our skies?
are patterns only in our eyes?

or is a constellation just a constellation?
is a constellation just a consolation?

wrinkle wrinkle little scar
count the freckles on my arm
if freckles don't mean anything,
does anything mean anything?

Here's the nutty guy himself, by the way. Meher Baba. According to Wiki he led a normal childhood until about the age of 19, when he had a brief contact with a Muslim holy woman which triggered a 7-year long process of spiritual transformation.

It gets better. After meeting various other 'spiritual masters' he started doing his own thing and got called 'The Compassionate Father' by his first followers.

From 1925 till his death in 1969 he shut up, using a board or hand gestures to communicate.

At one point he declared his 'Avatarhood', proclaiming himself to be the 'highest of the high', along with other bombastic claims.

Apparently he did some good work with the ill too.

About his 'silence', Wiki says:

Fascinating stuff, Froggy Folks, I'm sure you'll agree. Although I'm still not quite sure why young ringletted Darwin's parents called him... Darwin. There are many mysteries still to be solved in this world, and I guess that's just one of them.

See you in the gene pool


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RK said...

Wikapedia is a poor summary of Meher Baba! I suggest you read a bit more about what Baba said and did before damning it all as 'nutty.'

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