Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Turbulent Tuesday ~ Humble Is As Humble Does

Hmm. I've just spent two minutes trying to work out what the adjective for humility is. Weird. I went through all possible derivations but they kept coming up wrong, so wrong: humiliating / humungous / hubritious / humilitous...

I'm banking on humble now, although I'm not convinced. So a humble little quote today from a great man (a Frabulous physics guru - quantum mechanics and all that) who has every right not to be humble, and yet demonstrates both humility and humour when he said:
"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can
be made in a very narrow field."

  ~ Niels Bohr

"Mr Wrong hasn't got a clue what
he is doing ever, and he never gets
anything right. Everything turns out
WRONG! Everything about his life is
a shambles until one day Mr Wrong
meets Mr Right, someone who looks
exactly like Mr Wrong, but is exactly
his opposite."

It's funny how those who have every right not to be humble (Niels: "Oh, you know, I just helped totally turn our understanding of the world around us on its head...") are actually extremely diffident.

However. And this is a bloody big however. I've just realised that according to the above definition, religious people are actually entitled to use the word 'expert' to very accurately describe themselves.

Because they have indeed made all the possible mistakes that can be made in understanding how we came to be here. Good grief. I'm not sure whether to feel elated or depressed...

Still, Mr. Wrong still looks pretty pleased with himself, doesn't he? Which is all part of the problem.

See you in the gene pool


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