Monday, 22 November 2010

To Humane or Not To Humane

The word 'Humane' caught my eye in this daily feel good e-mail I get (below), but it's not exactly Humanism but then again it is, as humanists certainly believe that we should be nice to our fellow creatures and not catapult ourselves above them to the extent that we exploit them without any regard for them as living entities.

Still with me?

OK, here's the thing:
Did you know...
... that today is the birthday of the Humane Society (1954)?
Founded in Washington, D.C., it's the largest animal advocacy
organization in the world. A nice bit of trivia: During
Hurricane Katrina, the HSUS joined other organizations in a
massive search-and-rescue effort that saved approximately
10,000 animals, and raised more than $34 million for direct
relief, reconstruction, and recovery in the Gulf Coast region.
Which is interesting.

This is the web site where you can get their cute little quotes from, and why not? Here's today's offering:
Today's Inspirational Quote:
"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not
to do the next time."

-- Anthony J. D'Angelo
Which is cool. I like it. I can dig failure to succeed. Sounds sensible to me.

There are occasionally religious-based quotes too, but you can either ignore them if they are too silly, or cut through the chaff to get at the central message and see if it does it for ya.

See you in the gene pool

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