Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What do you get if you cross a Monkey with a Pig?

There's nothing I like more...

...than a good old rant against religion, and few do it better than dear old Pat Condell, bless him, who knows how to show religious nutters and even sad religious victims for what they are... by reminding us, quite simply, what said nutters and victims actually believe: Utter, Unadulterated Nonsense.

We need look no further for a good few minutes of rollicking good laughs. Here we go.

Of course, there's a serious side to this... only I can't remember what it was.

Oh yes, while people are still believing that we came from Adam and Eve (or even Monkey and Pig, if Pat's theory is also adopted by the school curriculum deciders), our children are growing up with confused, perverted minds, unable to rationally discuss anything at all. Which is a shame.

The real truth about our ancestors?
It's often painful to see religious people (mainly Jesus-believers in my case) try to justify their beliefs when they haven't even got a clue what it is they actually believe in but vaguely know it's supposed to have something to do with God (innit?) but they're not actually sure what that's about either. Tricky.

If the seeds of this nonsense hadn't been sown early on by schools or society in general we could all be getting on happily fighting and arguing with each other for perfectly rational reasons, like you had one more slice of cake than me or your kid rode over my lawn with his bike and crushed the pansies, and hopefully, eventually, arrive at reasonable solutions, as opposed to arguing about nonsense where it is, by definition, impossible to arrive at a rational conclusion or, of course, solution.

See you in the gene pool


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