Sunday, 21 November 2010

Welcome to the Gene Pool

Hi Guys, Gals and Frogs, good to see you here!

You know, it's a funny little project this, and one I've thought of doing on and off over the years whenever I had a break from, well, you know, living life and all that.

After all, free-thinkers are normally far too busy enjoying this life to worry about not living the next one, aren't we? But anyway.

As I'm fascinated by anything to do with how people think, and also as I seem to still regularly come into contact with quite negative vibes and influences from those who choose to believe in nonsense, that I thought I would finally try to bring something to the table.

And besides, as we all know, there's not much funnier in this world than what our credulous friends believe, now is there. So we almost owe it  to ourselves to keep a beady eye on them, both to make sure they're not doing anything too dangerous as well as stupid, and also to get our daily laughs. So here we go.

The Frabulous Frog Freethinker will be, I'm both afraid and happy to tell you, will be a glorious mishmash, a hotchpotch, and real primordial soup of anything I can lay my hands on that I think will tickle the neurones or the funny bone or often enough both. Enjoy. Say hello. Contribute. And have fun. See you in the pond.

Oh, and if you're ever in Paris, then come along to one of our meetings - check it out here.

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