Sunday, 12 December 2010

Frabulous Frog Bookshop: 'Open For Business'

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Open For Business...

Good news people, and I don't mean that I won't even mention Jehovah's Witnesses once in this post: Ooops! There, done it!

No, I'm excited to tell you that I've put quite a few of my absolutely favourite freethinking books into the bookshop, along with quite a few which I'm planning on reading but just haven't done so yet.

Now don't get me wrong with this fancy 'Bookshop' idea. I'm not really intending to bug you to buy books through it every two days so that I can get some paltry 50c commission or whatever it is. I've done that in the past, never made any money out of it and to be frank it was a bit of a pain in the neck!

So why am I doing it? Simply because it's a really fun way to group all my favourite books on bashing religion, philosophical puzzles, evolution and the whole shebang with their pictures, reviews and everything you'd need in case you ever did want to buy some.

I actually do buy quite a few books through Amazon, but I generally go for the second-hand ones, which can often be ridiculously cheap, especially after the paperbacks have been out for a while. I'm waiting for Dawkins' Greatest Show On Earth for a few months, for example, because there will be so many sold I'm sure it'll be in the second hand market for a euro or a quid pretty soon (plus postage).

So use the bookshop to get some ideas for some excellent reading fodder on your favourite topics and if you ever did buy them having clicked through from here, well thanks!

I've created some sections in the bookshop to reflect the general feel of what I'll be presenting on this blog, as follows:

In making up these categories I chopped and changed and added and deleted until I got to what you see above. Once again I'll say that this site has no pretentions whatsoever. I'm a nobody in the world of atheism, religion, science and plenty of other realms, many of them ending in 'ism', and many not.
But by that very fact, and the awareness of my own mortality (Christ, this got deep bloody quickly, didn't it..?) I know that I have as much right to set up my own little blog blethering on about anything I please, and so can you. Unless of course you live in... but we won't go down that route right now.
So here it is, for better or for worse, what will be an ever-growing list of what I consider cool books which I'd love it if you read too and why not leave a comment to say what you think? Cheers, and happy head-filling :-D

See you in the gene pool

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Mohammed said...

Nice collection, Greatest show on earth in nice. However, take a look at "The God Dolusion" It is a good book in my opinion.

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