Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rape & Marriage, Horse & Carriage

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"Rape, incest, forced marriage to your rapist... but it's OK, it's in the bible..."

We at the Frog are far from prudes - there's nothing wrong with a bit of fun from time to time between consenting adults.

But there are limits, and in today's world of horrific real-life situations, it sometimes seems sad that these are the very things we glorify in our leisure moments, or which are supposed to tittilate and tempt us to spend.

Anyway, that's not what this posting is about.

It's about a young Romanian lady who makes videos. No, she's not a porn star, although she's certainly beautiful, and also highly intelligent as well as - gasp - a confessed atheist! Whatever next.

Oh yes, and she has a healthy sense of humour into the bargain. So I invite you to discover one of her videos, and I admit I haven't seen any others, in which she reads the bible... and shudders.

She says she used to be religious, by the way, until she actually looked into her beliefs a bit more thoroughly. And that, it seems, was all she needed. And a minimal dose of common sense, of course, which it seems she has retained despite the usual childhood brainwashing.

We're looking forward to discovering some more of her videos in due course, and you can do so with us here at the Frabulous Frog if you like.

I'm afraid I was about to post another of the fabulous (and quite possibly Frabulous too) Pat Condell, but saw a link to her and, well, Pat, much as I love you, I think you can imagine what happened next. But I'll be back to your superb demolitions of the towers on tripe shortly.

Oh, and by the way, I'm including this video here, and ones like it, as much for entertainment purposes as anything else. Seeing as there's no Tooth Fairy, I'm sorry, I mean god, watching people making fun of people who believe falls firmly into the 'humour' category these days. Otherwise we might as well have discussions with Jehovah's Witnesses all day. And what I was really doing with Pat Condell in the first place was trying to find a great video he did making very serious fun of JWs, (or was it Born Agains?) where he was expressing his disappointment at the end of a doorstep speech where the 'Good News' was still the same old same old. Can anyone tell me which one it was?

Y'all have a great day now, I'm just off to watch a few more videos from the Romanian Atheist and I recommend you do too.

Actually, I retract that. I just got sidetracked for about two hours watching some very scary videos about creationist versus evolutionist 'debates' - totally addictive and totally timewasting.

Which is why here at the Frog we don't debate the existence of god itself, but we do talk about those who still believe. At least that's vaguely intellectually stimulating and good for a laugh.

See you in the gene pool

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