Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jehovah's Witness Alert

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I'm pretty worried right now.

My 13 year-old daughter and her mother, who live in Britain, are slowly but surely being dragged into a sticky web of Jehovah's Witnesses, and I can't do much about it.

I don't know where this video came from, but I think it's pretty accurate on what they believe.

A load of typically loony and nasty stuff in there, even though it's only a cartoon, and you can't help but notice how they linger lovingly over the scenes of the non-JVs being horribly burnt and drowned and stuff. Hilarious.

Here are a couple more videos on the subject. I've included the first one because it looks like a regular Joe telling us in a very down to earth (!) and unsensationalist way about some of the scams and real psychological dangers of this bunch - brainwashing, hypnotism, lose your family, lose the ability to think for yourself, etc. etc.

The second one also looks interesting, but I haven't watched it - the first in a set of seven, quite old I think, exposing the whole organisation for what it is - sick.

Now, where are I going with this? Well, I'm not sure, and I had wanted this posting to be a happy, positive one following on from the Saint Anthony's Tongue piece below. But this is worrying me, and the best I can do is to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas and discoveries over the weeks and months and hope it does some good.

But in order to get a little entertainment value out of all this anyway, and following some great men and women's advice that ridicule and laughing at religion (hence proving to the victims that there's a hell of a lot of us that don't give a damn and maybe they shouldn't either (if only it were that easy), here's some of the bull they believe...

1) The world as we know it is going to end soon.
They've made this prediction over and over again, getting it wrong every time, and now they're a lot vaguer - surprise, surprise... But they have some ridiculous posters to show you what you can look forward to.

2) They believe in the Noah and the Ark story.
Yep, two of all the animals in the world fitting into an ark, a global flood happening (which has been scientifically proved didn't happen), then all reproducing again (so the first generation would have a nice bit of incest going on there - cool!

3) They think that blood transfusions are bad, because like drinking blood, and not allowed by the bible.
Many have died because of this.

4) They don't celebrate any public holidays or birthdays, believing they have pagan roots.
Happy... oh never mind.

5) They think a lot of different stuff about God and Christ than Christians, primarily to mark themselves out as 'different', so that they can have their sick, family-destroying rules.

6) They believe that being a JW overrides everything else, hence the family break-ups and all the rest.

7) However, if you don't follow their wacko rules to the letter you can be punished by being totally shunned by the only family left to you: them.

It goes on and on, and it doesn't get any better. Hence I'm worried. Tower Watch seems like a useful site for worried JWs. Again, I haven't researched it yet. Ironically enough all the Google ads that came up on this site were for the JWs... More later.
See you in the gene pool


tom sheepandgoats said...

If you like...I mean, it will just give some perspective, you might visit the blog Sheep and Goats. (I know the author) It answers most of the charges that sites like Tower Watch make, and does so in a non-petulant way. Many listed categories you'll find relevant.

If you really can't do much about it, as you say, then you ought to try to know where they're coming from, so that rifts do not open between you and your daughter.

Baal's Bum said...

I have never understood JW's need to prosletise, especially the women, as they believe that the entrance to heaven is limited to 144,000 souls and if you check this in the bible Rev 7:4 states these souls must be of Israel and Rev 14:3 restates the number and 14:4 states they must be men that have not been defiled by woman. So virgins, gay men and paedo's only. Glad I got a room booked in hell, especially as most gay men will not be going upstairs.

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