Saturday, 4 December 2010

Great News: I'm Going To Kill You!

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"I have some great news: I'm going to kill you!"

You are a sugeon - and you have four patients waiting not to die. If they wait too long they will die, because they all have terminal conditions.
You can't treat them because there is no donor available.

Then you spot your nice young intern - fresh, healthy and... yep, you guessed it: possessing all the organs your four dying patients need.

You invite her into your office with an enormous smile on your face. You announce the happy news to her over a cup of tea: she is going to help four people to live happy, fulfilling lives, and you both jump up and down with excitement.

She follows you cheerfully to the operating theatre, gets washed and puts on her surgical gown. She then lays down on the operating table and you kill her, cutting out her wonderfully healthy organs and transfer them immediately to your four anxiously waiting, dying patients.

The four, well, five really, operations are a great success and your four patients live long happy lives and their families are delighted and consider you a hero.

Instead of four people dying only one has done so. You have just saved three lives. Well done. That's a wonderful story, isn't it?

Or do you think there is something wrong with this reasoning. Over to you in the comments section, if you think there's anything to add here.

See you in the gene pool

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