Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Frog on a Log! ~ Stop This Sickness Now!

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Frog on a Log
Stop This Sickness Now!

I would just like to state how disgusted and shocked I was to find this repulsive image on The Freethinker website just now.

When I think about how long I took and how carefully I chose our cheery little green mascot for the Frabulous Frog Freethinker site, you will understand that I am very, very upset to see him riduculed like this.

First of all, the image is cruel and unpleasant. No creature should ever be treated like this, even as a joke and even if it is only plaster or papier maché. It makes me think of biology lesson dissections when I was 14 - yuk.

But what really gets me is the use of the ancient barbaric cross of the sick god cult lead by the notorious terrorist Jesus Christ. To sully the image of our lively little pond-dwelling pal with that of the leader of a group of mass murdering lunatics is beyond contempt. Oh well.

And talking of ponds, this little picture on the right shows you what a future 'Arc-Park', sorry, 'Arc Encounter', could look like.

Yep, you read that right. Kentucky could be the proud host of a Creationist theme park in a few years if what looks like a completely corrupt plan by some religious lunatics, sorry, tautology, gets accepted. It'll include a so-called life-sized copy of the arc, yeah!, along with a Tower of Babel and some typical middle-eastern villages, although I thought they didn't like people from the middle-east... oh dear, it's all so complicated, isn't it? Christians hating Muslims but worshipping someone from the middle-east. Bizarre.

And just to finish this little blether of recent findings on the web, check this out from MediaWatchWatch. Jesus with a massive hard on. Oops. Guess what? Yep, some Christian didn't like it and is prosecuting the Gateshead gallery what was showing this work of art.

What's funny is that the offending appendage isn't actually very well-done by the looks of it. Looks more like a dowel plug if you ask me. And I read some comments saying that the Romans or Greeks would have approved heartily, not to mention some Horny Hindu and boner Buddhist top dogs, virility being virility and all that.

Anyway. More sniggers tomorrow, pondlifers.

See you in the gene pool


Baal's Bum said...

Yes 24.5 million dollars are going to be wasted on this "folly" If only there was some charitable type of organisation that could use this amount of money to do something helpful and useful such as famine relief or homeless shelters.

Ah Well at least when they get it built the may realise how small it was and how ridiculous the claims of creationists are.

Frabulous Frog said...

Maybe one day a theme park could be build where people could pretend to be homeless and get splashed by buses and attacked by dogs and stuff 'for fun'.

In the end, even Disneyland is pretty stupid if you think about it, I mean, there aren't really giant talking mice and fairies and stuff... are there?

Oh well, but in the end it's the nasty religious bit that's what is truly worrying. That it could perpetuate the myth. And we don't want that.

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